Transforming Ordinary People into Extraordinary Followers of Christ


Doug Humphrey

Where were you born: Jacksonville, NC Where did you go to college: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration; also attended Dallas Theological Seminary – Masters of Theology degree Family: Married to Susan; Two girls: Amy and Sarah Favorite type of music: Jazz Favorite place to vacation: Mountains […]

Ken Erickson

When/Where were you born: Cleveland, OH; 1960. Where did you go to college: Ohio Northern University – degree in electrical engineer.   Family: Married to Sandra; Three children: Kendra, David, & Michael. Favorite movie: Field of Dreams Favorite place to vacation: Beach Favorite local restaurant: Em ‘R Wings Favorite music: Flowers for Faye Favorite hobby/pastime: Sports […]

Greg Schnieder

When/Where were you born: Morristown, NJ; 1961 Where did you go to college: North Carolina State University – degree in mechanical engineering Family: Married to Lisa; Four children: Justin, Daniel, Benjamin, & Olivia Favorite movie: Dances with Wolves & Braveheart Favorite place to vacation: Snowshoe Mountain, WV Favorite local restaurant: Carver’s Creek (dining place the night of our engagement) […]

Jeff Spade

Where were you born: Ft. Thomas, KY Where did you go to college: University of Wisconsin – degree in molecular biology and MHA from Duke University Family: Married to Kathy (wonderful, graceful & beautiful); Three intelligent, beautiful daughters: Kirsten, Cori, & Camden Favorite movies: Amazing Grace, Schindlers List, Field of Dreams, The Last Emperor, Ran, Casablanca, & […]

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