Transforming Ordinary People into Extraordinary Followers of Christ

Strengthen Our Current Ministries

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Building Redemptive Relationships with Our Church Family   

To more powerfully engage with each other, we strengthened and clarified our current ministries, including:

  • Thriving next generation ministries, including Triangle Kids – Preschool, Triangle Kids – Elementary, Middle School and High School ministries, and AWANA, where kids are introduced to our Savior

  • Practical discipleship opportunities, including Bible studies, Community Groups, and a growing Biblical Counseling Ministry, where people learn to live like Jesus

  • Relevant targeted environments, including Art of Marriage, training in sharing your faith, and men’s and women’s retreats, where relationships are forged

  • Exceptional Sunday morning services, including dynamic worship and strong, biblical teaching, where lives are challenged and refreshed

  • Expanding Biblical counseling ministry, where we are certifying a growing group of Biblical counselors and offering hope as an outreach to our neighbors.

TXC Target: $2.1 Million

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