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Z & H – Using Business to Transform Muslim Central Asia

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For the last two years we have both felt a strong desire to go to a country whose citizens have little to no opportunity to hear the Gospel. Specifically, we feel led to live and work in a Muslim majority Central Asian country.

This country, like many countries in its area of the world, is closed to missionaries, which left us wondering how we could get there.

God answered our prayers by showing us how we could use business to reach this country for His kingdom. Our vision is to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs who currently operate for-profit businesses and manage their businesses according to biblical principles with the purpose of transforming communities for the glory of God. These businesses not only give us access to this country, they also provide jobs for locals and offer a natural environment to share God’s truths with people who may have never spoken with a follower of Jesus.


God is calling us to go, but we need people to help us get there.

Because our business is not yet profitable enough to pay us a sustainable salary, we are seeking to partner with individuals and churches who will both pray for us and support us financially.

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