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TCC Ministry Updates & COVID-19 Resources

Page last updated 3/30 – 5:15pm.

We review rapidly changing information daily to assess ministry efforts and then update this page. For helpful, reliable information on the coronavirus see Guidelines & Resources below. Anything new as of the last update will be indicated with “ >NEW “.


Let’s remember that our God is sovereign. He is a God of mercy. We can be instruments of his love and comfort in a crisis situation. This can be an opportunity to have spiritual conversations and build redemptive relationships with friends, colleagues, and neighbors; keep your “God Space” open to see how God can use you to minister comfort, help, and mercy. Watch & listen to Pastor Doug speak on a Godly Response to the Coronavirus: Fearless, Prayerful, Wise, & Loving.


>NEW: Sunday Worship Services are only online through at least April 26 based on current guidelines and timelines (see below).


>NEW: Current Guidelines. Current guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), national and state government, and the North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services (NCDHHS) order that people not gather in groups of more than 10. Accordingly, we have paused all on-campus meetings through at least May 2 (which includes the balance of the week after the April 29th North Carolina Stay At Home deadline). We strongly recommend against church gatherings in homes during this time period. See more about Guidelines & Resources below.

>NEW: Online Meetings. All ministry teams, small groups, and community groups may choose to continue meeting online. Be in touch with your leader if you have questions. We continue to work to improve options to equip all of us to minister in creative ways during and beyond this crisis.


>NEW: Our staff is limited to essential work only on-campus and our office is being managed remotely. Please call in advance, 919-362-9996, or email here. Voice mails are being checked every 2-4 hours during the business week, 9a-4p.

>NEW: Even if our staff are not on-campus, they are accessible. For normal inquiries that don’t require same-day response, email us and our Admin Team will process your request within 24 hours, getting your message to the right person. For immediate requests, text (faster) or call George Freebersyser: 919.818.1803.


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