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Reaching College Students in East Asia

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While I’ve been a believer for most of my life, God used my college years at UNC to transform my life with the gospel. He has been teaching me about my identity in Him and the gravity of His grace and salvation. He has been teaching me about His will for me on this earth – an ambassador for Himself, God making his appeal through us. He has been teaching me about His heart for the nations – that His salvation is for the world and He uses his children to spread it.

I’ve witnessed first-hand the way that God uses the pivotal and transitional college years to draw students near to himself and then send them out to make disciples outside of college..


While I was fortunate to spend four years on a campus with numerous churches, ministries, and individuals to walk alongside of me in my faith, I also had the opportunity to travel to a country in which less than 2% of the population is Christian. I spent my time with college students facing similar pressures and struggles to those I was familiar with, yet almost none of these students had heard the name of Jesus (much less the gospel). The ideas of grace and of a personal relationship with one’s creator and savior are radial ideas in this culture, but ones in which many students are fortunately receptive to hearing. I served in East Asia for almost two years on campus introducing college students to the Gospel – many for the first time, until the Lord redirected me back to the USA during the pandemic. 


Upon returning to the states, I’ve been able to minister at my alma mater while remaining connected to East Asia while the borders are closed. I’ve worked with the international student ministry and am eager to be working on the UNC Cru team this year. Our hope and prayer is to win, build, and send students for Christ at UNC. We host weekly meetings and activities for students to hear the gospel and engage in Christian community. We desire that all students be involved in Bible studies as well as help train students to lead Bible studies. The heartbeat of our ministry is discipleship relationships that we hope equip students to walk with Jesus during their college years and for a lifetime. One of my favorite parts of ministry at UNC is that we care deeply about sending students not only to their campuses or their post-graduate careers, but also to East Asia! What a joy it is to connect students so close to my heart on opposite sides of the world for the sake of the Kingdom! 

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