Transforming Ordinary People into Extraordinary Followers of Christ

David & Shari Ginn / Cru Eastern Europe

David & Shari Ginn – Leading a disciple-making ministry that is bringing students and business leaders to Christ and mobilizing believers to actively share the gospel.

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Claudiu is a young business professional.  He also stands out among his peers at church.  Why? He not only shares his faith, he is comfortable sharing his faith…even in his work context.  Claudiu embodies the vision that we are pursuing in Romania.  We are trusting God to work in the lives of hundreds of students and business professionals so that Christ is proclaimed, and many come to faith.  

In order to pursue this vision God has raised up 85 Romanian missionaries working with CRU, Romania.  With this significant team we have activities with university students in 12 cities. We are working with high school students in Bucharest. We have a ministry to families that reaches into many homes and churches across the country.  Our ministry to business leaders is active in 4 cities. We are planting churches in both Romanian and Gypsy communities. We are leading this team of disciple-makers so that every single Romanian will not only hear the gospel, but will actually have a personal relationship with someone who is a true follower of Jesus.   


Shari grew up on the mission field.  She loves to tell stories from her days in Africa.  While in Africa she saw first-hand the great need for laborers.  It always made sense to Shari to head out into a new culture in order to make disciples.  (Her father led the international efforts of the JESUS Film for years and was the driving force behind the edition of that film entitled Magdalena).  Dave was a church kid whose parents always prayed for the world.  A couple of mission trips during college convinced Dave to be part of cross-cultural work.  

During the Ginns’ first assignment in Romania (1994-2003) God brought Justin and Cristina into the family.  Justin is now married to Emily and is an electrical engineer in Texas. Cristy will be a senior at Wheaton college in the fall.  The Ginns served as regional director for CRU for 13 years. They worked with multiple countries in Eastern Europe during that time.  In 2016 it became clear that it was time to return to Romania. Being back “home” has been a pleasure. David directs CRU’s ministries in Romania.  He focuses on business leaders, while Shari focuses on high school students.

Part of the Ginns amazing journey in Eastern Europe was to work with Dan and Tricia Clement.  Both families left the States at the same time and were part of the pioneering effort of CRU in its early years in Romania.  


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