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Justice for All

Several years ago TCC participated in a training and outreach conducted by an organization called “Justice For All” (JFA). Justice For All aims to make abortion unthinkable through conversations with pro-choice advocates–conversations in which the contentious debate about abortion is transformed into a dialogue. The goal of conversations is to balance love and truth in such a way that minds are changed, lives are saved, and healing from past failures can begin to be embraced.

And now, Steve Wagner, Executive Director of Justice For All will be back in our area, hosted by the Summit Church. Steve is the author of Common Ground Without Compromise. 25 Questions to Create Dialogue On Abortion (2008), and he contributed to Apologetics for a New Generation (2009) and the Youth Apologetics Study Bible (2010). Frustrated by shallow stereotypes and disrespectful activism, Steve passionately works to build common ground in the seemingly endless abortion debate and make a reasonable and clear case for the pro-life position.

Most conversations about abortion are difficult–if we engage in them at all! What if you had the tools to start a conversation and make it productive? With 3,000 legal abortions each day in the USA and twenty-three each day in Wake County, you could save a life! Come learn how to find common ground.

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