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TCC Bible Quiz Results
of Sunday, March 1, 2020

Congratulations to all of the clubbers who quizzed at our 10th annual TCC Bible Quiz on Sunday, March 1, 2020. The quizzers demonstrated a solid knowledge of God’s Word, some great team spirit, and I was really impressed with their encouragement of each other. Though we are proud of the kids for their achievement at the Bible Quiz, it pales in comparison to the Word being put into the minds and hearts of these clubbers, who have equipped themselves to share the knowledge of God’s Word, the love of the Father, and the gospel message with others to help build the kingdom of Jesus Christ! I’m sure that your family and friends are proud of your accomplishments … I know I sure am!

Book 4 Bible Quiz Results

Team Awards

  • 1st Place Team – Hannah F., Wesley C.
  • 2nd Place Team – Hudson C., Ethan C. 
  • 3rd Place Team – Lillian B., Ruby M., Ivy O. 
  • 4th Place Team – Katelyn O., Jude M., Kingsley M.
  • 5th Place Team – George B., Alex B., Tommy C. 

Individual Awards

Honor Quizzer [12 of 12 correct in Multiple Choice]

  • Lillian B.
  • Ruby M.
  • Katelyn O.

Quiz Champion [12 of 12 correct Multiple Choice plus 3 correct Speed Quiz]

  • Hannah F.
  • Hudson C. 
  • Wesley C.

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