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Victoria – Language Production with the Jesus Film Project

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There are almost 7,000 languages in the world, and many people groups still do not have a Bible in their own language.  Even with a Bible, millions are unable to read it.  It is very special for someone to hear important news in their own heart language—the language you think, pray, and dream in, and which speaks most deeply to your emotions.  The Jesus Film Project uses the power of visual story to share Jesus in peoples’ heart language.  God is moving in amazing ways as his Word is spoken through the film.  No matter where in the world people see Jesus, no matter the language, the Lord consistently draws people to himself.

The Jesus Film is a film depiction of the gospel of Luke, first produced in 1979. Since that time, the film has been translated and dubbed into 1,800 languages and counting, and shown in countries across the globe. Yet there are still hundreds of languages and people groups remaining!


My specific role is that of Language Production Manager, overseeing the production of the existing film into new languages, specifically in the Middle East.  I help coordinate the specialists who execute each step of the process—translation, recording, mixing, and mastering—and network with indigenous believers internationally to produce the film into their heart language.

Having served in the past in campus ministry in the Middle East, I am thrilled to continue ministering to the Muslim world in this broader scope, as it is an area that God has pressed deeply upon my heart.


Thank you for partnering with me to reach the world for Christ. Please join me in asking God to move in the hearts of people in the Middle East and beyond!

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