Transforming Ordinary People into Extraordinary Followers of Christ

Our Vision: 2016-17

Through God’s power, we plan to accomplish great things in 2016-17! 

To continue to build redemptive relationships with the next generation, we are paying off our Next Gen Center by July 5, 2017.

  • Continue to leverage the NGC with student and student family activity and outreach 

To reach more young families and introduce more children to Jesus Christ, we are enriching children’s ministries.

  • Hired a new K-5th grade director
  • Add staff in our birth-Pre-K area
  • Bring visual enhancements to K-5th grade hallway
  • Evaluate and improve programming

To better build redemptive relationships with the world, we are expanding global and local outreach.

  • Expand efforts into the 10/40 Window
  • Increase TCCer involvement in Outreach Teams
  • Provide more mission trip opportunities 

To better offer hope to the TCC family and our community, we are supporting counseling growth.

  • Assist 10 additional counselors in training to accomplish certification
  • Create training and systems to help people easily connect to counseling
  • Fully develop a welcoming 2nd Modular as primary counseling space

 To help people live like Jesus we are strengthening discipleship:

  • Expand EQUIP, our dynamic leadership and discipleship program
  • Provide more outreach, fellowship and discipleship for young families
  • Strengthen our community groups
  • Enhance training to help TCCers build redemptive relationships and share the gospel

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