Transforming Ordinary People into Extraordinary Followers of Christ

Sunday (10 am): Small Groups in NextGen Center

Students gather in small groups that aim to teach them to read the Bible, build authentic friendships, and challenge them to live out their faith. 

Sunday (11 am): Student Worship in the Next Gen Center

Student worship is designed to challenge students to love God and His Word through singing and studying the Scriptures together. We gather for “Family Worship” on the last Sunday of each month in our main worship center.

Wednesday (6:30 pm): MDWK in the NextGen Center

MDWK is a weekly large group gathering for 6th-12th grade students designed to connect students, teach them God’s Word, and have a ton of fun together. Students are encouraged to join us for a meal for only $5.


Check out the fun we had at Merge, our annual weekend of worship & discipleship on March 11-13, 2022. 


The Gospel

This journey begins in Genesis chapter one with the creation of humanity and concludes with the last chapter of the Bible, Revelation chapter twenty two. In between there are twists and turns, break ups and make ups, mystery and intrigue but the driving message of the plot is that from the ashes of sin comes…

Leadership Development & Interns

Leadership Development Internship is designed for 18-24 year old students who are looking to serve, impact others and grow in their personal leadership capacity for the ministry of Christ. Thank you for your interest in the Internship program of Triangle Community Church! We count it a privilege that you desire to be a part of…

Student Ministry Core Values

Essentials Foundations for Lasting Transformation in Ministry There is synergy between utilizing all of these in ministry.  Each of these principles work best when combined with each other.  Core Foundational Teaching – Biblical Authority and Cultural Relevance – Focus more on Truths of Who God is and how we relate to Him rather than just behavior.…

Volunteer with Youth

At Triangle Community Church, one of the best ways to connect and grow is to serve others. We encourage you to “get in the game” in our Student Ministry. By jumping in and trying out a service team that interests you, you’ll meet new people, start new friendships, and find out how much more you…

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