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Christianity: The Basics: The Holy Spirit is not a Ghost

Christianity is sometimes shrouded in mystery. Case in point: What does “God in three persons” mean? We understand “God the Father”. We even understand Jesus, “God the Son”. But what is “God the Spirit”? Sometimes we call him the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we call him the Holy Ghost. But who is he? Who better to clear things up for us than Jesus! Through the Bible, he teaches us who the Holy Spirit is, what he does, and how to receive what the Holy Spirit gives.

Christianity: The Basics: The Blessing of Salvation

God has provided numerous spiritual blessings that show us an amazing panoramic view of the great salvation he has provided for us. (1) How do these spiritual blessings come to us? (2) What are some of these spiritual blessings? (3) What enables us to receive these blessings? (4) How can we know if we have them?

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