Transforming Ordinary People into Extraordinary Followers of Christ

Reaching Students in the Muslim Middle East

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I would like to tell you what God has done in my life.

I am married with a young son. My wife is a teacher. Together we want to live out the vision that God has given us. 


I come from a Muslim background. My family didn’t talk about God much, so I didn’t know very much about God nor was I interested. Then in university, I met my future wife and found out that she was a Christian. She explained Jesus Christ to me. At the beginning, it all seem meaningless. Later on though through her, I began attending a church group as well as weekly student gatherings. What really got my attention was the love that I saw amongst the people there. Seeing their close relationships was what really led me to want to know Jesus more. Thus I started to read the New Testament. As I read the New Testament, I started to find the answers to my questions.

Then I had 2 dreams.  

In one of these dreams I saw a hand come down from the sky, touch me, and take away all of my burdens and pain. When I asked, “Whose hand is this?” a voice answered me from heaven saying, “This is a hand from Abraham’s lineage.” This dream really scared me.

Later in my second dream, I saw a mountain that nobody had been able to climb. My future wife and I tried to climb it, but it was impossible for us. Then someone came down from the sky and said to us, “I will climb this mountain for you.” I asked my future wife, “Who is this?” and she told me that it was Jesus. In my dream, Jesus then climbed the mountain for us. It was after I had this dream that I believed in Jesus Christ.

After I accepted Jesus Christ into my life, I started to have a lot of problems with my family because of my newfound faith. Jesus was always with me through the problems and my life began to change. As time went on, my dependence on God grew because I began to comprehend my value in God’s eyes, taste his love, and understand that having him in my life was more wonderful and satisfying than anything else. I praise the Lord that I met him as a young person and I have been trying to faithfully walk with him.


After I became a believer, I continued to be involved with my student gathers and joined a Bible Study with other Christian students, attending the weekly student gatherings, and going to conferences. During my time at university, both this ministry and my church helped me to grow in my faith.

After I graduated, I started working for a big corporation. During the two years I worked at this company however, God put a great passion in my heart to do ministry. At first I did not pay any attention to it, but over time this passion began to grow. Finally I knew I had to do something about it. I felt like I needed to answer God’s call. I left my job, which was a serious step.

In obedience to God’s call I became a full time staff member with my student group. I have a special heart to reach university students with the Gospel because it was through campus ministry that I personally came to know the Lord and grew in my faith. I have been receiving training through my student group and going to the student gatherings to share the Good News of the Lord. I am also actively involved in both the children’s and the youth ministries at my church. My wife is also doing voluntary ministry.

I know that in all situations God’s name will be glorified and it is an honor to serve him. To proclaim the Lord’s kingdom and to contribute in this way is a great source of joy for me. I know that I have value in the Lord’s eyes and I want others to learn and know this, too.

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