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His Story Our Story – TCCWomen Fall Conference 2023

How would you describe your life “Story”? Is it a mystery? tragedy? comedy?—or all of the above, depending on the day? But the bigger question is, “How does our story fit into GOD’S STORY?”–since His is the greatest story ever told! Our conference speaker is our dear sister TCCer Jane Zempel. Jane is an ACBC certified biblical counselor and a member of the TCC women’s leadership team. 

Download the note taking outline and follow along as Jane shares three challenging “chapters” from her life and the truths that helped her trust God as the ultimate Author of her story. Each session includes:

  • Scriptures that helped her to trust God focusing on His wisdom, power and love
  • Quotable quotes 
  • Recommended reading

Conference Note Taking Outline (open downloadable pdf)

Questions for reflection or group discussion (open downloadable pdf)

The Trust Triangle (open downloadable pdf)

Session 1 VideoIs God Really All-Wise?

Session 2 VideoIs God Really All-Powerful?

Session 3 VideoIs God Really All-Loving?

Q&A Session

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