Transforming Ordinary People into Extraordinary Followers of Christ

Leader Responsibilities


Thank you for your willingness to serve the families at TCC. We need to make sure we provide a loving and safe atmosphere for the children. Please take these responsibilities seriously.

Arrive early!
Come early to review all curriculum and to be prepared greet children by 8:10, 9:40, or 11:10. You will be provided with a nametag with your first and last name.

Greet children.
Greet each child with a smile and by name. Help the child and parent feel comfortable and secure before separating. Be aware of any special instructions and allergies (will be noted on nametag).

Be Prepared.
Study lesson during the week and be prepared to present it during class on Sunday morning.

Have fun.
When in the classroom spend time getting to know the children and show them the love of Jesus.

Call parent if needed.
To page a parent: Use the electronic pager in rooms 101 and 102. Type in the number on the child’s s tag (ex. 101) and press ‘Enter’. Once the parent has arrived press ‘Delete’ to remove the number from the display. The number will stay on the display until the ‘Delete’ button is pushed. If the parent does not respond in a few minutes, press ‘Delete’ and then re-enter the number. The flashing of the number may catch the parent’s attention.
If extra help is needed in a room press 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 depending in the number series of the room you are working in.

Check out.
Make sure when the parent comes to pick up the child that their tag matches the number on the child’s tag. Make sure to collect all tags, and mark the attendance sheet.

Clean up.
Make sure room is cleaned up by following clean-up instructions.



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