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Triangle Kids – Preschool Safety Procedures

The safety & protection of the children in Triangle Kids – Preschool is very important to us. Policies have been put in place to accomplish this goal, we need everyone’s support and cooperation. Parents please be familiar with these guidelines.

Visitors: Visitors must fill out a visitor’s information card completely at the Triangle Kids – Preschool Visitor’s Welcome desk. Based on the child’s birthday they will be assigned a classroom. The child will receive a name tag with a security number on it and the parent will receive a corresponding security tag that they will show when picking up there child after the service.

Enrollment: When a family decides that they are going to attend TCC on a regular basis they must fill out an enrollment card for each child and then the child will be place on the permanent class list. When they check-in each week they will go to the check-in table that corresponds with the class the child is enrolled in. The child will receive a numbered name tag and the parent will receive the corresponding numbered security tag.

Allergies: Children with food allergies will have name tags that are in red and the allergy noted next to the child’s name.

Check-in & Check-out: In order to provide a safe environment for our Triangle Kids – Preschool children we have developed a secure area where only approved volunteers and parents/guardians are allowed when children are present. You must have a child or security tag to be admitted into this area.

Check-in: Check-in begins 10 minutes before the service begins and closes 15 minutes after the service starts.

Check-out: Parents must line up in a single file. Children will be dismissed one at a time. A security tag with the right corresponding number must be presented in order to release a child to their parent/guardian.

A Healthy Environment

To insure a safe, healthy environment we request that parents take responsibility for making sure their children are not ill before coming to church. Teachers cannot accept children who have had any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours: a fever of 100 degrees or above/ diarrhea/ vomiting/ unexplained rashes/ discharge from the eyes/ greenish discharge from the nose/ excessive coughing. If a child contracts a childhood disease, such as chicken pox, following a session in Triangle Kids – Preschool, parents are requested to inform the Triangle Kids – Preschool Director , so that other parents can be notified.

Age-appropriate Environment

A child will be placed in an age appropriate classroom. The promotion of a child from one room to the next is based on the child’s birth date. The child will automatically be moved to the next room at the beginning of the month following their birthday month. The Nursery and Preschool rooms are the exceptions. Nursery age children will be promoted to the Toddler room when they are walking well. Preschool children will move to the kindergarten classroom in the fall on Promotion Sunday.

A Secure Environment

Please follow all the check-in and check-out procedures.

It is requested that only one parent bring a child to the room and that only one parent pick their child up at the end of the service. If the room is not staffed with at least 2 volunteers the parent must wait until the volunteers arrive. Parents are encouraged to turn their child over to the teacher right away, except for the following situations- a child who cannot be settled without the assistance of the parent or first time visitors who are unfamiliar with the Triangle Kids – Preschool program.

Upon check-in, a security tag is placed on the child with a number and the child’s name on it and a corresponding security tag with the same number is given to the parent- this security tag is the parents “claim ticket” for the child when they return after the service. Check-in is open 10 minutes before the service and closes 15 minutes after the service starts. To prevent any disruptions in the program NO children will be accepted into the classroom after this time:

  • 1st service check-in: 9:20am-9:45am
  • 2nd service check-in: 11:05am-11:30am

Parents should pick up their children immediately following the service. Only parents with the proper security tag will be allowed in the Triangle Kids – Preschool hallway. At check-out the security tag MUST BE presented to claim the child.

Parents with the proper security tag are welcome to observe their child at anytime using the window in the door. Please don’t open the door because it is disruptive to the learning environment and the emotional state of the children.
Additional Information
  • Nursery & Toddler parents must provide enough diapers and wipes for their child.
  • Parents are asked to discourage their child from bringing any toys from home.
  • Parents should have their child’s belongings properly labeled. TCC does have diaper bag tags available upon request.
  • Please notify the teacher when the child is potty training. Bring extra clothing in case of accident.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact Michelle Underwood, Triangle Kids – Preschool Director
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