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Leadership Development & Interns

Leadership Development Internship is designed for 18-24 year old students who are looking to serve, impact others and grow in their personal leadership capacity for the ministry of Christ.

Thank you for your interest in the Internship program of Triangle Community Church! We count it a privilege that you desire to be a part of what God is doing through TCC. We are excited about where God has taken us, but we are even more excited about where he is bringing us. We are confident that “he who began a good work…will carry it on to completion.” (Phil. 1:6)

This is a Summer Long Internship that will require you to be active and involved within our Student Ministry at TCC.  The internship will last from the middle of May until Aug. 11th (Flexibility for those who have to go to college sooner).

Leadership Development Application

The PURPOSE of the leadership development internship is to train young adults for a life of ministry within an environment that provides a balance between personal equipping and practical experience.

Internship Values

As a staff at Triangle Community Church we operate with these values towards internship.

  • We believe that development has to be intentional. Our development as people and as leaders must involve a focused and purposeful approach, not haphazard busyness.
  • We believe that we need to develop leaders, not use leaders. Too often, internship programs are used as a breeding ground for grunt labor. We recognize this tendency and want to insure we are pouring into our interns’ lives.
  • We believe that development takes place within the context of ministry. Development of leaders must involve practical application to and work within an active ministry context for it to be useful.
  • We believe that development takes place within the context of relationship. Development of leaders always involves a series of key relationships including peers, ministry leaders, and outside mentors.
  • We believe that emerging leaders need proximity to leaders. Oftentimes the most significant thing we can do as developing leaders is to simply be around other more mature leaders to learn by observation and through relationship.
  • We believe that development must be holistic. Development must address a range of issues including personal, theological, ministry skills, and missional development with the aim of developing the whole person.
  • We believe that development must be broad-based but individually focused. It is obvious that no programmatic plan will absolutely develop every person engaged in that plan.
  • There must be individually tailored elements alongside the broad-based plan. We believe that Triangle Community Church needs the presence and input of emerging leaders to be dynamic and vital in ministry. Just as we hope to pour into your lives as interns, we recognize that you will dynamically shape us as a church for the good of our life and mission.

Internship Program Specifics

The internship program is a Summer-long, intensive leadership development program designed to both equip leaders in ministry and to further the ministry of Triangle Community Church. The program includes practical development of ministry skills, leadership opportunities in specific ministry areas, personal development, interaction with the greater Triangle Community Church staff, ministry exposure outside of specific ministries, and theological development. Second year and year-round internships are available upon invitation.

Our vision is to rise up the best and brightest emerging leaders for kingdom impact. Our Internship program will have an emphasis on more effectively helping each intern discover one of three areas God might be calling them to: Ministry, Missions, or Marketplace.

Part 1:

Purpose: Exploring ministry, character formation and competency development

Interns will be involved in the following activities:

  • Developing ministry skills – hands on serving in our student ministry and other ministries at TCC.
  • Clarifying personal calling, vision and values – through weekly Leadership training.
  • Experiencing leadership challenges – through working alongside of others and putting to practice your opportunities to lead.

Part 2:

Purpose: Continue in ministry and begin to focus training for future

The interns and director will work through defining and establishing goals for each person in these 3 areas:

  • Ministry: What are your goals for ministering to others now and in the future?
  • Missions: What are your goals for connecting with mission opportunities now and in the future?
  • Marketplace: What are your goals to lead others and impact Christ where ever you are?


Those interested in the internship program should have a growing relationship with Christ, passion for the emerging generation, a learner’s mentality and a desire to be a team player
. He or she must be 
a self-starter who takes initiative; be willing to take risks in life and ministry; have a sense of the gifts and abilities God has given them.

General Job Description

Internships at Triangle Community Church operate within the ministries of Adults, Students, Children/Family, and Mission/Serve. While the specific job description will be determined based on the needs of the ministry and the experience, gifts, abilities and passions of the intern, here are some general responsibilities that an intern can expect:

  • Assist the pastor to students in shaping the vision of the ministry as a member of the leadership team. This includes weekly leadership team meetings.
  • Oversee at least one of our High School groups during our summer and identify & raise up student leaders.
  • Actively participate in the leadership development training and summer ministry at TCC.
  • Mentor at least 3-4 students in spiritual growth and personal development.
  • Help with the general administrative needs of the ministry.
  • Engage in other ministries at TCC that would impact and encourage your leadership growth.
  • Connect with our 18-20 something’s ministry and seek to identify and recruit new leaders for our student ministry.

Interested in Applying?

The program has a rolling admissions policy, but applications received received by March 1 will receive priority for the following ministry year. Our admission process is selective and ministry positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications are accepted until all spaces are filled.

If you are interested in applying for an internship, please fill out the TCC Intern Application. Questions? Contact Lanier Ward, Pastor to Students.

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