Transforming Ordinary People into Extraordinary Followers of Christ

Volunteer with Youth

At Triangle Community Church, one of the best ways to connect and grow is to serve others. We encourage you to “get in the game” in our Student Ministry.

By jumping in and trying out a service team that interests you, you’ll meet new people, start new friendships, and find out how much more you receive when you serve. 

If you have a heart for students and a growing relationship with Jesus take time to consider volunteering with our students.  Here are your next steps.

1. Check it out

Please take time to learn all about our student ministry and these resources.

2. Apply

3. Meet with our Ministry Team

  • After you have turned in your application (please email it or give it to someone in our Leadership Team) we will have someone from our Student Ministry Leadership Team contact you and meet with you about serving.
  • Because we value the safety of our students each person applying for our Student Ministry will need to complete a background check.  We will send you details on this after you turn in your application.

4. Be Trained

We have 3 Student Ministry training times. Each of these training times is to bring synergy to our ministries and get all of our leaders on the same page.  They are very important for all our leaders and essential for all new volunteers.  Check with our Student Ministry Leadership Team for specific times and dates.

  • Aug/Sept – Leading into our Fall Student Ministry Semester
  • Jan. – Leading into our Winter/Springs Student Ministry Semester
  • May/June – Leading into our Summer Student Ministry Semester (This is where our Summer College Interns will also play a heavy role in leading).



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