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Olivia Schneider – Reformed University Fellowship

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The spiritual life of individuals during their college years is absolutely critical in determining the trajectory of their faith for the remainder of their lives. For most students, college is their first real experience of life outside of the nest and the last stop before entering “the real world.” RUF is a college campus ministry that meets students in this crucial time and challenges them to take ownership of their faith, pursue Christ in the fullness of who they are, and begin discipling others. 

This ministry is not just a place on campus where “a bunch of Christians go and hang out.” In this group, students are challenged to intentionally pursue deep and meaningful relationships with one another regardless of academic year or “perceived compatibility” as friends. It is a community built upon a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ where students can come face to face with the reality of their brokenness and be continually reminded of the depths of God’s grace. Throughout the entirety of a student’s involvement in RUF, we seek to train them to be spiritual leaders in their own circles and beyond, so that they might finish college with a vision of how to actively invest in their local church, communities, and the world at large. 


My name is Olivia Schneider, daughter of long-standing TCC members Greg and Lisa Schneider, and I am a recent graduate of Anderson University in South Carolina. Throughout my college years, my life was deeply impacted by my involvement in RUF. I learned firsthand what it is like to be part of a gospel community where the Word of God is shown to be integral and essential to every aspect of life. I learned to actively pursue growth in the Lord through things like memorizing passages of scripture, participating in one-on-one discipleship, and praying regularly with fellow students. 


I now have the privilege of pouring back into this community as a full-time intern. In this role, I am able to invest in one-one-one discipleship with girls both on the leadership team as well as those who are new to the faith. In addition to this and helping facilitate weekly activities, I assist in the leadership and oversight of girls community groups. Serving in this capacity is a blessing and a joy, and I am grateful for the support of TCC in this endeavor to build the Kingdom of God. 


This ministry is transforming lives, raising up leaders, and helping students every day pursue a deeper relationship with the Lord and the people around them. If this is something you would like to invest in personally, I would be delighted to have you join my support team.

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