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Adult Discipleship – The Pilgrim’s Progress – Th AM

Next to the Bible, The Pilgrim’s Progress is the greatest Christian classic of all time!  It answers the questions and illustrates the deepest struggles Christians face in their walk with God.  Written from the dark confines of a prison cell, The Pilgrim’s Progress has transformed and comforted millions for the past 350 years.  C. S. Lewis called it the “book that has astonished the whole world!”

Join Pastor Dan for a life-transforming discussion of this Christian classic, rendered in modern English.

  • Who?  All adults
  • What?  Come master the classic that every Christian should read!
  • When?    February to May, 2024 (two identical sections—Wednesday evenings or Thursday mornings)
  • Where?  TCC campus
  • How?  Just register (below) and order THIS✽  book from Amazon.

✽ Although countless editions of The Pilgrim’s Progress exist, every participant must have access to this version. (families are welcome to share a book if they wish).

Questions: Contact Dan Clement.

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