Transforming Ordinary People into Extraordinary Followers of Christ
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Please enjoy our Sunday Messages.  We also include our Talking Points / Walking Points for you to dig deeper into the message by yourself, with your community group, or with your family and have a daily devotional thought each day that relates to the previous weeks message.

1st Timothy – Part 12 of 13 – August 13, 2017

Share with Friends… SERMON SUMMARY Faithfulness to the Scriptures will help protect the church from internal strife and the harmful consequences that follow pursuit of a materialistic lifestyle. This is the message of 1 Timothy 6, vv. 3-10. You will recall that the text before us is an ancient letter written by the apostle Paul […]

1st Timothy – Part 11 of 13 – August 6, 2017

Share with Friends… SERMON SUMMARY Paul has previously given Pastor Timothy instructions about the treatment of widows and church leaders. In the opening verses of Chapter 6, he turns his attention to how slaves should relate to their masters. Paul’s chief concern in addressing the issue of slavery in the Roman Empire was that God […]

1st Timothy – Part 9 – Caring for the Family of God – July 16, 2017

Share with Friends… SERMON SUMMARY In 1 Timothy 5 Paul gives Timothy guidelines for how he is to relate to various members of the church, with a special emphasis on widows. Church leaders should treat those they lead as they would members of their own family: their elders with respect, affection, and gentleness; their own […]

1st Timothy – Part 8 – What to Avoid – and What to be Absorbed In – July 9, 2017

Share with Friends… SERMON SUMMARY Sermon Summary In 1 Timothy 4:7-16, Paul encourages Timothy to be a good servant of Jesus Christ, constantly nourishing himself and his congregation on Biblical truth. Paul provides some practical instructions in a list of “dos and don’ts”—positive and negative commands to help Timothy stay on track: Negative Commands Have […]

1st Timothy – Part 7 – Biblical Beliefs or Doctrines of Demons – July 2, 2017

Share with Friends… SERMON SUMMARY Here in the United States, we are in the midst of a moral revolution. The prevailing cultural view is that truth and morality are individually and socially determined. We have unashamedly rejected God from the moral equation. Biblical morality has not only been rejected, but is openly mocked. As a […]

1st Timothy – Part 6 – Shipwrecked or Smooth Sailing – How Elders Protect Us – June 25, 2017

Share with Friends… SERMON SUMMARY For many people, a vacation aboard a sailboat, tucked away in some quiet cove, is a dream come true. But cruises don’t always have storybook endings. Shipwreck always is a possibility. Likewise, according to 1 Timothy 1:19, if we’re not careful, our faith can become “shipwrecked”. We all know someone […]

1st Timothy – Part 5 – Spiritual Leadership in the Church – June 18, 2017

Share with Friends… SERMON SUMMARY Sermon Summary Paul identifies two primary leadership roles in the church in 1 Timothy Chapter 3: elders and deacons. Last week, our focus was on elders. Today, we will be focusing on the office of deacons. We first see the role of deacon emerge in Acts Chapter 6. At this […]

1st Timothy – Part 4 – Spiritual Leadership in the Church – June 11, 2017

Share with Friends… SERMON SUMMARY First Timothy 3:1-7 reveals the qualifications required to serve as a leader in the church. Paul’s focus here is on the character qualities befitting those who aspire to church leadership. The New Testament identifies two primary leadership roles: elders and deacons. Elders are servant leaders; Deacons are leading servants. Today […]

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