Transforming Ordinary People into Extraordinary Followers of Christ

Sermons by Doug Humphrey (Senior Pastor)

Senior Pastor

Growing God’s Way – Through Bible Study

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail SERMON SUMMARY Matthew 4:4 Spiritual maturity looks like Jesus. He is our role model and the standard against which all humanity is measured, because He is the only person who has ever lived whose life was perfectly aligned with God’s will (Matthew 22:37-39). When we look at the news, we are confronted […]

Growing God’s Way – An Introduction

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail SERMON SUMMARY 1 Timothy 4:7-10 As a pastor, I have conversations with lots of people. One thing I’ve learned it that most of use are disappointed with how things have turned out in life. We’re disappointed that we haven’t done a better job preparing for retirement, that we haven’t been a better […]

Spiritual Checkup

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail SERMON SUMMARY The Christian life is meant to be one of progress and growth. 2 Peter 3:18 says: “Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” How can we know if we are making real spiritual progress, and not merely deceiving ourselves with spiritual activity? You are […]

The Christmas Child: What Does He Want For You?

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail SERMON SUMMARY Colossians 1:21-28 The most commonly asked question in December is “What do you want for Christmas?” Have you ever wondered what Jesus wants for Christmas? The series we are exploring raises four questions, and in previous weeks we have talked about why Jesus came and who he is. Today I […]

The Christmas Child: Who is He?

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail Colossians 1:15-20 SERMON SUMMARY During the Christmas season, it used to be common to find nativity manger scenes on public property. But that has become quite controversial today, sometimes bringing lawsuits. To be honest there has always been controversy surrounding this baby. Who was that baby in the manger? Some would say […]

The Christmas Child: Why Did He Come?

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail Colossians 1:1-14 SERMON SUMMARY Christmas is about the baby that changed the world. His story could be viewed through Mary’s eyes, through Joseph’s eyes, through the wise men’s or the shepherds’ eyes. Because you all know the basic story, instead, throughout December we will look at heaven’s perspective on Christmas. The New […]

Oikonomics – Part 4: To Tithe or Not to Tithe

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail 4 of 4 SERMON SUMMARY What is God’s plan for supporting the local church? Is tithing the God ordained method of funding the ministry of the local church, or is there another standard we are to use? A “tithe” simply means ten percent. Those who endorse tithing teach that we are to […]

Oikonomics – Part 3: Managing God’s Portfolio

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail Matthew 25:14-29 – 3 of 4 SERMON SUMMARY Daniel Webster once was asked: “What is the most profound thought that has ever entered your mind?” Do you know how he responded? He said, “The most important thought I have ever had was that of my individual responsibility to God.” In fact, when […]

Oikonomics – Part 2: Rags or Riches–A Balanced Biblical View

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail 2 of 4 SERMON SUMMARY Does God want us to be healthy and wealthy, or does he disdain wealth and want us to give it all away? Which approach is biblically correct? Because the Bible has so much to say about the topic of money—over 2000 verses—you can find verses, especially if […]

Oikonomics – Part 1: Generosity as a Lifestyle

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail 1 of 4 SERMON SUMMARY The Greek word, οἰκονομία, means “to manage resources owned by another”, and so I’ve entitled this series “Oikonomics 101”. Truth is, all that we have belongs to God. During the next several weeks we are going to learn how to properly manage those God-given resources. Today we […]

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