Transforming Ordinary People into Extraordinary Followers of Christ

Sermons by Doug Humphrey (Senior Pastor)

Senior Pastor

The Power of Promise: Priority

This week we examine God’s blueprint for marriage as outlined in Genesis 2:24-25, where we discover the promise of priority.

In marriage, God sees a couple as one unit. When a couple says, “I do,” God super-glues them together in a lifelong union. So our first promise that we need to reaffirm to our spouse is, “Next to Jesus Christ, you are my top priority.”

Easter’s Call: Wonder

By examining a portion of the resurrection of Jesus found in Luke 24, we discover three powerful truths about the resurrection of Jesus. We see that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a paradigm-shattering historical event, is the key to understanding the message of the entire Bible and is the strongest message of hope for the world possible.

Easter’s Call: Worship

Easter’s Call offers us all the resources we need to build our lives. It reveals that if we really want to know Jesus, we must worship him as our King. By examining Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on what has come to be known as Palm Sunday, we understand that Jesus showed himself as King. What does that mean for us?

Easter’s Call: Purity

This week we take a look at the resources to equip us with strategies to live pure lives. We’ll examine Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness and see that God’s Word functions in a very practical way to help us handle life’s trials, difficulties, and temptations. We will look at the depth and complexity of evil, Satan’s evil strategies, and how we can defeat these strategies with Scripture.

Jonah: Perplexing Prophet – Preaching

When it comes to ourselves we all like second chances! This week we dig into the third chapter of Jonah which has been called, ‘The gospel of the second chance’. This chapter shows that God is waiting for us to take advantage of second chances to serve Him and this is truly good news.

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