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Church Matters – The Heart of the Church – 8.14.22

TALKING POINTS / WALKING POINTS View the sermon summary or dig deeper into the message during the sermon, in your personal Bible study, or with your family or Community Group in application-driven discussion. Fill out your contact information in our Connect Card to receive Talking Points Walking Points each Friday and other important church news throughout the…

Psalms – A Prayer for Peace – 3.27.22

The world can be a very stressful place. When we’re young, the stress begins as we try to figure out who we are and who we want to be. As we grow older, the stress increases as we are faced with all kinds of life altering decisions. We face relational betrayal, financial reversals, and serious illness. Friends and family members die, sometimes tragically or unexpectedly. So how do we experience peace in our heart in a world like this? We’ll find the answer in Psalm 91!

What Jesus Says to His Church – Sardis- The Dead Church

What Jesus Says to His Church – Sardis- The Dead Church – 6 of 8 SERIES STUDY GUIDE This 8-part series uses a comprehensive study guide. Download from the Save PDF button above. SERMON SUMMARY Part 6 of 8 Sermon Summary. APPLICATION / CHALLENGE If you have the Holy Spirit, if you have spiritual life,…

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