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Sermons on God's Glory

Reboot: The Reformation at 500 – Soli Deo Gloria —Our Only Ambition – Part 5 of 6 – September 24, 2017

SERMON SUMMARY A month ago we began a six-part series which explores an event 500 years ago that recaptured the heart of Christianity. Over the centuries, Christianity had drifted into all kinds of error and abuses. The way of salvation had become hard to find because of false teaching. So a brave Catholic monk named…

Behold & Be Dazzled: Our God Needs to Gain Weight!

Sermon Summary Spirituality is flourishing in 21st century America. One Raleigh resident said that raising chickens “is a spiritual endeavor, a powerful daily devotional that has brought me to my knees.” A famous scientist calls thinking about atheistic evolution “a spiritual endeavor, a powerful daily devotional that brings her to her knees”, adding “Science is,…

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