Transforming Ordinary People into Extraordinary Followers of Christ

Sermons on Glory

Behold & Be Dazzled: Our God Needs to Gain Weight!

Sermon Summary Spirituality is flourishing in 21st century America. One Raleigh resident said that raising chickens “is a spiritual endeavor, a powerful daily devotional that has brought me to my knees.” A famous scientist calls thinking about atheistic evolution “a spiritual endeavor, a powerful daily devotional that brings her to her knees”, adding “Science is,…

Because of the Cross – Part 1 of 2: Our Common Confession

Sermon Summary First Timothy 3:15-16 introduces a hymn which is older than the New Testament! Believers began singing shortly after Jesus rose from the dead and it quickly spread throughout the churches as a declaration of their faith in the resurrection of Jesus the Messiah. But before Paul quoted the lyrics, he tells us what…

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