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Sermons on 1 Peter

Church Defined – The Sufficiency of Scripture for the Local Church – 9.5.21

TALKING POINTS / WALKING POINTS View the sermon summary or dig deeper into the message during the sermon, in your personal Bible study, or with your family or Community Group in application-driven discussion. APPLICATION / CHALLENGE Make Scripture your absolute authority. Make Scripture the top priority in your personal walk. Make the heartbeat of Scripture—love—your…

Finding Your Place in God’s KINGDOM: Service – May 30. 2021

Too many of us walk through life without any clear idea of what we were put here to do. We just kind of make it up as we go along, all the while sensing that we are missing something. We’re busy on the outside but feel barren on the inside.

What if you could discover what God has created you to do? Pastor Doug dives into scripture to help us find out!

Growing God’s Way – Through Bible Study

SERMON SUMMARY Matthew 4:4 Spiritual maturity looks like Jesus. He is our role model and the standard against which all humanity is measured, because He is the only person who has ever lived whose life was perfectly aligned with God’s will (Matthew 22:37-39). When we look at the news, we are confronted with the consequences…

1 Peter – Reflections on 1 Peter

1 Peter – Reflections on 1 Peter – 18 of 18 SERMON SUMMARY Peter’s personality—his zeal, courage, humility, tenderness, forthrightness, and yes, even his impetuousness—is revealed in the letter we call “First Peter”. Let’s begin with five observations:  [1] This sounds obvious, but Peter wrote the letter. Peter, James and John formed the inner circle…

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