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Sermons on Life

Sanctity of Life

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail Sanctity of Life SERMON SUMMARY Abortion is a controversial topic, a painful topic. In our society it is inevitable that some will be offended. I know that, and that is surely not my desire. The alternative is not to bring it up—yet it’s too important to ignore. My prayer is that out […]

The Wise and the Otherwise – Part 9 of 13

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail Sermon Summary The book of James has a lot to say about living wisely and provides instructions on gaining wisdom. But how can we discern if a person— whether he is a teacher, friend, or advisor–is wise? We need a wisdom detector. James tells us to examine both his conduct and his […]

Because of the Cross – Part 2 of 2: The Mega Mystery of Godliness

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail Sermon Summary Two weeks ago we celebrated Easter, which commemorates the destruction of death. Is “the destruction of death” an overstatement? Well, in fact, that is precisely the claim which Scripture makes (2 Timothy 1:10; John 5:24-25; 11:25-26). Last week we met an ancient hymn which rehearsed key truths about the true […]

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