Transforming Ordinary People into Extraordinary Followers of Christ

Sermons on Loyalty

Sermon Series: Radical Faith

Radical Faith: Part 4 of 7 – Radical Loyalty – February 4, 2018

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail SERMON SUMMARY In Luke chapter 14:25, we read that large crowds were following Jesus. Now you might think that was a good thing, but Jesus wasn’t very impressed. He knew that at best, their motives were mixed. Because Jesus was interested in quality, not quantity, he really wanted to thin out the…

Ruth & the Kinsman Redeemer – Part 1 of 4: Helpless & Hopeless…(or so it seems)

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail Sermon Summary This week, Pastor Dan began a four-week series on the book of Ruth, which takes place during the time of the judges in Israel. We learned during the series of messages Pastor Doug finished last week that the time of the judges was filled with immorality; however, today’s message demonstrates…

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