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Sermons on Satan

Kingdoms in Conflict – Part 2 of 2

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail 2 of 2 SERMON SUMMARY Last week Pastor Doug began a two-part series called “Kingdoms in Conflict”. Ever since sin entered the world, Satan has been the ruler of the cosmos. There are only two kingdoms, with vastly different values and agendas—and there’s no neutrality. Every person on earth has allegiance to […]

Kingdoms in Conflict – Part 1 of 2: Cosmos Chaos

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail SERMON SUMMARY We recently concluded a study of 1st Peter which is an important book for the church today because in it Peter warns Christians not to be surprised by cultural pushback. Biblically informed Christians shouldn’t be surprised by this, because the Bible reveals that there is an invisible spiritual world that […]

Eclipsed – The Mystery Revealed – Ephesians 2 – Part 2 of 6

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail Sermon Summary Last week we begin a six-part series on the New Testament Book of Ephesians—a book that begins with a glorious list of God’s blessings and a peek at his glorious attributes. But Ephesians also warns us about a real character named Satan. He rebelled against the Lord of Glory, and […]

Eclipsed – The Mystery Revealed – Ephesians 1 – Part 1 of 6

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail Sermon Summary An eclipse occurs when the light of one object is blocked by another object—such as the moon passes directly between Earth and the Sun, blocking out its light. Throughout history people have thought of solar eclipses as bad omens, as signs of impending destruction. Bad things going on in the […]

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