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The 5:14 Journey: Part 2 of 5 – Love Prays – June 24, 2018


Galatians 5:14 teaches us that: “The whole law can be summed up in this one command:

‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ ”

What is “The 5:14 Journey”? Christians are called to love our neighbors. Our vision is to constantly and continually build redemptive relationships with our neighbors. A “neighbor” is anyone we’re around where we live or work, at the gym or pool, the parents of our children’s friends and teammates; cashiers at stores we frequent, the mailman, trashman, or FedEx delivery person – literally anyone with whom we regularly come in contact.

For many of us, knowing how to love our neighbor doesn’t come naturally; we need help learning how. We also need encouragement, and it’s very motivational when there’s a ground-swell of many people taking similar faith-steps together. So this summer we’re devoting four weeks to try as a church to take the next step—whatever that may be—to “love our neighbor”. We believe that God will be glorified and we will be encouraged as together we focus on loving our neighbors.

How will we do this? Each week the sermon will focus on an element of love: love speaks, love prays, love welcomes, love serves, and love witnesses. Each of these elements will be illustrated with real-life stories from our TCC family. Then, each of us will return to our neighborhoods with an assignment which is within our reach—yet which will stretch our faith. Our assignments will focus on building relationships. They will not be random or anonymous acts, but person-to-person connections. Already feeling stretched?! Not to worry—the 5:14 Journey is just four weeks long. We can do this!

What will be the result? Well, for starters, our neighbors will be loved! And God will be glorified. And us?—we’ll experience joy. Philippians 2:2 teaches that our joy becomes “complete” when we are “intent on one purpose”. So, expect increased faith, boldness, and others-centeredness. In some cases, the ultimate act of love—evangelism—will no doubt also take place.

Ready? Since “love prays”, this week as you take your walk in the “neighborhood” pray silently for your neighborhood. If you see anyone you already know, stop, chat, and seek to discern their prayer needs. If you meet someone new—learn their name and when you get home, jot down what you learned about them. Each day, pray for them briefly. Love prays—it’s that simple!

Learn more about The 5:14 Journey.


  • Pray for your “neighbor”. Seek to discern their needs; later jot them down, and pray! If your friend is particularly receptive, offer to pray for them that moment. Don’t forget to ask for updates the next time you see them.
  • Walk around your neighborhood and silently pray for salvation for each home you pass.
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Each week, write down one doable concrete step of obedience, small or large  that you will put into practice this week. (James 1:22: “But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves.”)

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