Transforming Ordinary People into Extraordinary Followers of Christ

The Church Has Left the Building – Part 5 of 6 – Being a Guide Who Leads People to Jesus


How we relate to guides:

  1. Human nature: We’d rather not have a guide because we don’t want to need one.
  2. Conditions so severe that we accept the help of guides:
  • When the place is really unknown
  • When the topic is really important
  • When the outcome really matters
  • Connecting the need of guides to the pursuit of God.

Acts 8:25-30, One man’s attempt at a self-guided tour

  1. The mysterious element of the text and the questions raised
  2. Most question are answered when the man in the chariot speaks, “How can I understand if there is no one to guide me?”
  3. Summary of the story: A man needed a guide, and God sent one. Needed for he was going where no man can go.
  4. Flow of the story:
  • Traveling in Chariot
  • Important position defined
  • Just visited the holy land and the holy city
  • Is leaving with unanswered questions
  • Conclusion – He still needs a guide
  • Modern day applications
  • Illustration of needing a guide when I didn’t know it.

Acts 8:31-35, Philip and the work of being a guide

  1. The guide’s work is focused. It is clear. Leading someone to Jesus.
  2. Qualifications and actions of the guide:
  • Guides know about Jesus
  • Guides take the initiative to connect people to Jesus
  • Guides are well informed about the gospel
  • Guides leave room for Jesus and Scripture to do the convincing

Example: Mugurel, a man who needed a guide

Guides lead people into uncertainty, therefore we can expect to encounter the accompanying emotions.

  1. Guides move people onto unexplored territory
  2. They have been there before
  3. There are many steps along the path, each generating emotional challenge
  4. Wisdom for the guide – How do we keep moving people through the uncertainty? Ask permission to take a brief look at what is around the corner.

Guides rejoice in the gospel that is powerful, life-giving…connecting man to God.

  1. Rejoicing in the Gospel
  2. A noble and glorious task. We are honored.


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