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The Power of Promise

The Power of Promise: Purity – May 2, 2021

This week, we conclude our series examining God’s blueprint for marriage found in Genesis 2:24-25 with the Promise of Purity. Husbands and wives promise each other, “I commit to loving you with the purity of Jesus Christ.” The principle is simple: (1) Wherever sin lives, intimacy dies. (2) Wherever purity lives, intimacy grows! Hear why trust, selflessness, and fidelity are foundational to an intimate, flourishing marriage.

The Power of Promise: Pursuit

In this series examining God’s blueprint for marriage found in Genesis 2:24-25, we started with the Promise of Priority. This week, we dig into the Promise of Pursuit which declares to our spouse: “I will pursue you always.” Just because we are married does not mean that the pursuit is off. It has just begun! Let’s find out what this pursuit looks like.

The Power of Promise: Priority

This week we examine God’s blueprint for marriage as outlined in Genesis 2:24-25, where we discover the promise of priority.

In marriage, God sees a couple as one unit. When a couple says, “I do,” God super-glues them together in a lifelong union. So our first promise that we need to reaffirm to our spouse is, “Next to Jesus Christ, you are my top priority.”

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