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Jesus’ Miracles – Meaning for Today – Part 1 Power Over Nature – November 5, 2017

SERMON SUMMARY The Bible is filled with accounts of the miraculous. For the Christian, miracles confirm God’s existence, his power and his message, but the secular world view allows no divine intervention. But if miracles are not possible we should all go home, forget about God, and abandon our faith. Portuguese philosopher Benedict Spinoza best…

Tuning Your Life to God’s Word – Psalms Series – Psalm 3 – August 14, 2016

Sermon Summary Psalm 3 was written by someone facing serious trouble: we’re talking career- changing, life-threatening trouble. If ever there was an occasion to pray, this was it. This is the first Psalm that identifies itself as having been written by King David of Israel. King David’s own son, Absalom, had initiated a military coup…

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