Transforming Ordinary People into Extraordinary Followers of Christ

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Gospel of Mark: The Syrophoenician Woman and the Deaf-Mute Man – 5.19.24

In this passage, Jesus heals two people. First, He casts out a demon from the daughter of a Gentile woman. The Gentile woman continued to beg for mercy, even after Jesus referred to her as a Gentile dog! What is going on here? With Jesus, it is always more than meets the eye! Next, Jesus heals a deaf-mute man. These two healings shed light on how we should approach Jesus and why we should approach him this way.

Faith & Work: An Uneasy Alliance – Work: A Rich Mission Field

Faith & Work: An Uneasy Alliance – Work: A Rich Mission Field –  8 of 8 SERMON SUMMARY One of the most fruitful mission fields is the workplace. We spend a lot of time there; we have friends there, many of whom are not Christians. Think about it…we get paid to spend time alongside men…

The Church Has Left the Building – Part 4 of 6 – Be Bold & Clear About the Gospel

SERMON SUMMARY We’ve been looking at Scripture’s “Great Commandments” and “Great Commission”. The Great Commandments of Scripture are that we love God and others. The Great Commission is that we share God’s love with others around the globe. Jesus linked love, outreach, and prayer (Luke 10:2). What happens next is informative: Jesus told his followers…

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