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The Gospel of Mark: The Stilling of the Storm – 3.3.24

In this message we see an example of Jesus’ power over nature and are reminded that there is no sphere over which Jesus is not Lord. We are also reminded that God’s love and care for us is not diminished by the trials and difficulties we experience. Sometimes Jesus walks with us through trials, and sometimes he delivers us from them. Either way, he wants us to trust him, and not to doubt his great love for us.

Easter 2018: The Resurrection Changed Everything

The Resurrection Changed Everything! – Easter, April 1, 2018

SERMON SUMMARY As we read through this chapter carefully, you will notice three themes that seem to repeat themselves in the various sections of Luke’s retelling of the resurrection story. The Resurrection is a worldview-shattering historical event. Many people today dismiss the resurrection out of hand. They say it didn’t happen because it couldn’t happen.…

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