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The Flawed Life of Samson – The Problem of Pride

The Flawed Life of Samson – Broken Vow, Broken Life – 2 of 4 SERMON SUMMARY The Book of Judges records the stories of thirteen different leaders called judges who led Israel over a period of about 400 years. These leaders were supposed to help free God’s people from their oppressors. During Samson’s life the oppressors were the Philistines. Some of those judges were very strong and righteous…

Tuning Your Life to God’s Word – Psalms Series – Psalm 2 – August 7, 2016

Sermon Summary We live in a world that is growing increasingly hostile towards Christianity and its truth claims. Jesus predicted just this kind of opposition (John 15:18-20). Psalm 2 gives us God’s take on how he views the refusal of the world’s nations to acknowledge and submit to his divine authority. King David, the author…

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