Transforming Ordinary People into Extraordinary Followers of Christ

Sermons on Trials

Trusting God Through Trials, Suffering and Evil – Trials into Triumphs – 11.13.22

All of us face trials. These trials often cause us to question God’s goodness and sometimes even his existence. But rather than thinking of these trials as intruders, how can we embrace them as opportunities for character development? In this message we will learn how to grow through trials and not just go through trials.

Suffering- Part 1 of 3: Turning Trials to Triumphs

Sermon Summary There is a popular teaching in some Christian circles which views all suffering as being outside of God’s will for God’s people. They believe that all suffering is related to sin in that person’s life; it is deserved. This teaching is both unbiblical and dangerous (Job, for example, suffered because he was godly).…

Joseph, A Portrait of Character & Grace – Part 3 of 8: From the Prison to the Palace

Series Summary: While he never did anything that we would normally associate with Biblical greatness—he never performed a miracle, he never slew a giant; he never saw a burning bush. Nevertheless Joseph was a great man. In his life we see a unique and powerful portrait of character and grace. In reviewing his story we…

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