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Life of David Sermon Series

Life of David: Part 2 of 5 – David and Goliath – May 13, 2018

SERMON SUMMARY In this message we discover the source of David’s courage in facing the Philistine giant named Goliath. David’s courage in the face of overwhelming odds challenges us to courageously defend God’s honor in a deteriorating culture. These are not fairy tales. They really happened—you can visit these places today. These Bible stories weren’t…

Behold & Be Dazzled: Our God Needs to Gain Weight!

Sermon Summary Spirituality is flourishing in 21st century America. One Raleigh resident said that raising chickens “is a spiritual endeavor, a powerful daily devotional that has brought me to my knees.” A famous scientist calls thinking about atheistic evolution “a spiritual endeavor, a powerful daily devotional that brings her to her knees”, adding “Science is,…

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