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The Reason for Hope – Part 1 of 4 – Christmas: A Time for Celebration

SERMON SUMMARY Christmas is a time to celebrate the entrance of God’s son into this world. The Bible contains the original Christmas Story (Luke 2:8-14), in which the angel revealed to the shepherds Christmas’ threefold purpose as a time of celebration, a time for reconciliation, and a time for salvation. Today we are going to…

The Church Has Left the Building – Part 4 of 6 – Be Bold & Clear About the Gospel

SERMON SUMMARY We’ve been looking at Scripture’s “Great Commandments” and “Great Commission”. The Great Commandments of Scripture are that we love God and others. The Great Commission is that we share God’s love with others around the globe. Jesus linked love, outreach, and prayer (Luke 10:2). What happens next is informative: Jesus told his followers…

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