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Sermons on Church

1st Timothy – Part 3 – Glorify God in Witness and Worship – June 4, 2017

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail SERMON SUMMARY Many see in the passage we are going to study today an example of biblically-endorsed gender bias. They accuse the Apostle Paul of being a misogynist—a woman hater. It is true that some have misrepresented and misapplied the biblical teaching with respect to women, as they do in many other […]

Jesus is Gone: What’s Next? – Part 1 of 2 – Resetting Expectations of the Church – April 30, 2017

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail SERMON SUMMARY 1. Our lives are shaped by our expectations. Shaped by the Old Testament, the disciples expected God quickly to bring in a physical, national kingdom of Israel with a victorious, messianic ruler who would squash all Gentile opposition. The disciples expected and wanted one thing, but Jesus had something else […]

The Church Has Left the Building – Part 3 of 6 – Empathetic Heart of the Evangelist

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail SERMON SUMMARY Matthew 9:18-38 Empathy is powerful. Principle: Scarcity increases value. Empathy/Compassion is hard to find. Believers are prepared by God to enter into the emotional world of empathy. We love it when we emotionally resonate with others. Sometimes it comes naturally. Sometimes it is a choice We can make the choice […]

Awaken (Merge Student Conference Weekend)

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail SUMMARY The Church should have never survived the 1st century and yet here we are.  Fully 1/3 of the world’s population calls themselves Christian.  The Church is the most powerful force the world has ever known.  Why?  What is it about the Church?  What is it about us?  I have three words […]

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