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Sermons on Suffering

Trusting God Through Trials, Suffering and Evil – Trusting God Through Suffering – 11.27.22

For the person of faith, suffering is a great mystery. How can God be good when good people suffer? The book of Job gives us a perspective on suffering that we find nowhere else. It answers the big question: Will man serve God for nothing? In other words, if God fails to bless, will we fail to serve and believe? Can we really trust God in the midst of what appears to be undeserved suffering?

Questions & Answers – Part 3 of 4 – Why does God allow bad things to happen? – September 23, 2018

SERMON SUMMARY Three weeks ago Pastor Lanier kicked off a new, four-part series called “Questions & Answers”. We’re shining a light on this important subject of “worldview”. In our first installment, Lanier helped us answer that foundational question, “How can we know what’s true?” Next we considered whether science has made God obsolete. If you…

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