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Naaman’s Journey: A Case Study of Faith – The Marks of Meeting God versus Missing God – 9.26.2021

In this message we will see that being religious and having a changed heart are not the same thing. We will learn this lesson by contrasting Naaman life with that of Elisha’s servant, a man named Gehazi. In Naaman we see the marks of a person who has met God, whereas with Gehazi we see the marks of someone who, despite being religious, has missed God.

Reboot: The Reformation at 500 – By Grace Through Faith – Part 4 of 6 – September 17, 2017

SERMON SUMMARY October 31st, just a few weeks away, marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, the event that sparked a “reboot” of Christianity. The first, most foundational of those truths is “Sola Scriptura”—Scripture alone is our source of truth. The second question the Reformers addressed was, “What does God reveal in his Word…

Behold & Be Dazzled: Our God Needs to Gain Weight!

Sermon Summary Spirituality is flourishing in 21st century America. One Raleigh resident said that raising chickens “is a spiritual endeavor, a powerful daily devotional that has brought me to my knees.” A famous scientist calls thinking about atheistic evolution “a spiritual endeavor, a powerful daily devotional that brings her to her knees”, adding “Science is,…

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