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The Gospel of Mark: The Stilling of the Storm – 3.3.24

In this message we see an example of Jesus’ power over nature and are reminded that there is no sphere over which Jesus is not Lord. We are also reminded that God’s love and care for us is not diminished by the trials and difficulties we experience. Sometimes Jesus walks with us through trials, and sometimes he delivers us from them. Either way, he wants us to trust him, and not to doubt his great love for us.

Wherever God Has You – March 19, 2017 – (Final Session of Merge Student Conference)

SERMON SUMMARY Twenty-first century western culture is terribly focused on looking forward to things, which oftentimes hinders our ability to be plugged in to the present. We can get so caught up in thinking about what’s coming next that we forget to be intentional in our current situation. This is especially true if your current…

Transformation: Counseling In Community – Part 1 of 2

Sermon Summary Jesus promised that in this life, we all will have trouble (John 16:33). Your trouble may be an addiction—to alcohol, drugs, pornography, shopping. It may be depression— loss or disappointment has left you in a dark and hopeless place. It could be anger— at your spouse, child, God, or even yourself. Marriage is…

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