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Growing God’s Way – Through Prayer

SERMON SUMMARY Matthew 6:5-13 Real life-change is found in practicing the spiritual disciplines that Jesus himself practiced and taught his disciples. Prayer is one of those critical spiritual disciplines. Prayer is vital to spiritual health and offers many spiritual benefits. Luke 5 tells us that “Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and…

What Jesus Says to His Church – Sardis- The Dead Church

What Jesus Says to His Church – Sardis- The Dead Church – 6 of 8 SERIES STUDY GUIDE This 8-part series uses a comprehensive study guide. Download from the Save PDF button above. SERMON SUMMARY Part 6 of 8 Sermon Summary. APPLICATION / CHALLENGE If you have the Holy Spirit, if you have spiritual life,…

The Day the Student Stumped the Prof

See the “Save PDF” button above to download the devotional: The Day the Student Stumped the Prof. In the devotional, Pastor Doug recommends an annual ‘spiritual checkup’. Linked here is the 2018 version of Pastor Doug’s manuscript of the sermon: “It’s Time for Your Spiritual Checkup“. The 2017 audio version is available here.

Tuning Your Life to God’s Word – Psalms Series – Psalm 2 – August 7, 2016

Sermon Summary We live in a world that is growing increasingly hostile towards Christianity and its truth claims. Jesus predicted just this kind of opposition (John 15:18-20). Psalm 2 gives us God’s take on how he views the refusal of the world’s nations to acknowledge and submit to his divine authority. King David, the author…

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