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Awana Summer Break
(May 23, 2017 – Aug 30, 2017)

Our Awana Ministry is on summer break.  We will resume our regular Wednesday night Awana Club meetings starting on September 7, 2016 with our Ice Cream Kickoff – a clubber and leader favorite!  A registration link will be provided by mid-August.  Be sure to check back for more details as the Ice Cream Kickoff closes in! […]

Is Jesus better than success?

Is Jesus better than success? I’ve heard it said before that Christianity is just another empty promise to make people successful. You believe it will make you a good husband or father; wife or mother. You believe it will make you wealthy by receiving God’s blessings. You believe it will give you eternal riches in […]

Is Jesus better than lust?

Is Jesus better than lust? This is my Father’s world, He shines in all that’s fair; In the rustling grass I hear him pass; He speaks to me everywhere. -Maltbie Babcock, 1901 We can so emphasize the necessity of setting our minds above that we effectively deny the goodness of God’s creation.  -Joe Rigney, 2014 […]

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