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Posts from March 2017

God Doesn’t Need Us – A post from Noah Winstead

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedinemail God Doesn’t Need Us After recently returning from Gatlinburg, NC and seeing the destruction left behind the wake of the historic fire, I’ve been thinking a lot about what servanthood means.  If our goal is to emulate the life of Jesus while we’re on earth, then shouldn’t we all strive to make […]

Keeping it Casual- a post from Anna Grace

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedinemail We have become awash with the “keeping it casual” mentality. It’s not just our hook-up culture. It spills over into the objectification of others via various social media and it spills into social circles that are a mile wide and an inch deep. But what’s really tragic is when it spills into […]

Stress is counterproductive

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedinemail College students are probably the most stressed out people in the universe, but I don’t have to tell you all that. Everyone knows someone who is so high strung and stressed out that they always seem to be on the verge of a mental breakdown. And if you don’t know someone like […]

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