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Baby Jesus

Emmanuel: God with us

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedinemail It’s hard to find complaints about the holiday season. Anything that combines family, friends, presents, sweater weather, and apple cider is worthy of celebration. However, one thing about the holiday season that does bug me is how numb I have become to some of the songs we sing. I realized this sad […]

Parenting: Sacrifice, Trust, and Joy – By Brodie Heginbotham

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedinemail Parenting: Sacrifice, Trust, and Joy Brodie Heginbotham As TCC continues its parenting sermon series, it’s got me thinking a lot about how the Scriptures present godly parenting. I have no kids and thus no emotional investment in what the Bible has to say about parenting, so it’s easy for me to say: […]

Pray & Meditate…Don’t Exasperate! By Jeremy Mika

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedinemail Exasperate… The word itself sounds exhausting doesn’t it? Webster’s defines exasperate as: to enrage, cause irritation or annoyance or excite the anger of. Ephesians 6:1 tells us not to exasperate our children, but instead to bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.      At first blush when […]

Measure-twice-cut-once Aaron Leeds

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedinemail Measure twice-cut-once…. Measure twice-cut-once….one of the things my dad has told me my whole life. As you may have guessed my dad was in construction as a career…more specifically than that he was carpenter. From time to time my brother and I were able to go to work with him, which was […]

Every Situation of Life is a Call to Worship by Stephanie Shrager

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedinemail Every Situation of Life is a Call to Worship Every situation in life that we find ourselves in is a call to worship. In the good times and the bad times, God is still sovereign and we are still called to worship him. Hard times are truly unavoidable – if you haven’t […]

What will your response be…. by Gwen Howell

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedinemail David wrote psalm 63 while he was in the wilderness fleeing from his own son, Absalom, who was trying to kill him. During this time of uncertainty he cried out to God in worship. David isn’t petitioning for a change of circumstance, instead, he is in a state of complete longing.   […]

Cultivating Change

Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedinemail What goes through your mind during those moments of pain, when on the surface most still looks good and healthy……but deep down inside you know……it’s time to prune. I need to be completely honest. Change is PAINFUL. I struggle with it at every corner. As a husband when I’ve been operating under […]


Share with Friends…FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedinemail WORSHIP – IS IT OPTIONAL?   “Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs.” Psalm 100:1-2 After reading this verse, does it seem like worshipping God is optional? No, it clearly commands worship. Worship isn’t an option – it’s an […]

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