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Naaman’s Journey: A Case Study of Faith – The Marks of Meeting God versus Missing God – 9.26.2021

In this message we will see that being religious and having a changed heart are not the same thing. We will learn this lesson by contrasting Naaman life with that of Elisha’s servant, a man named Gehazi. In Naaman we see the marks of a person who has met God, whereas with Gehazi we see the marks of someone who, despite being religious, has missed God.

Faith & Work: An Uneasy Alliance – Work: A Rich Mission Field

Faith & Work: An Uneasy Alliance – Work: A Rich Mission Field –  8 of 8 SERMON SUMMARY One of the most fruitful mission fields is the workplace. We spend a lot of time there; we have friends there, many of whom are not Christians. Think about it…we get paid to spend time alongside men…

Sermon Series: Radical Faith

Radical Faith: Part 5 of 7 – Radical Relationship – February 11, 2018

SERMON SUMMARY As we continue our series on the Hard Sayings of Jesus, we come across a saying so hard that it caused many of Jesus’ followers to walk away. The passage is John 6:53-55, 66 in which Jesus speaks of his followers “eating the flesh of the Son of Man and drinking his blood.”…

Jesus’ Miracles – Meaning for Today – Part 1 Power Over Nature – November 5, 2017

SERMON SUMMARY The Bible is filled with accounts of the miraculous. For the Christian, miracles confirm God’s existence, his power and his message, but the secular world view allows no divine intervention. But if miracles are not possible we should all go home, forget about God, and abandon our faith. Portuguese philosopher Benedict Spinoza best…

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