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Awana Flight Night!
Wednesday, Sept 28, 2022

This Wednesday is Flight Night! During GameTime, we will all build our own paper airplane. Then we’ll have a contest to see who has the farthest fliers! We’ll each have two throws. The best throws in each group will be marked out. Prizes will be awarded to the top three of each group. Make sure you practice building a good airplane. Have mom, dad, or an older brother or sister teach you how. But remember, you are only allowed to bring your new found knowledge with you to Awana. No airplanes, paper, weights, etc. can be brought from home. We will supply paper that everyone will build with. Prepare for takeoff!

We will also be holding a fire drill tonight. I will let the clubbers know in advance during announcements so it doesn’t frighten the children and so all are prepared. We want to practice what needs to be done if we ever need to evacuate the building.

If your clubbers are in a classroom, remember to lead your children out the outer exits – make sure a leader leads them in front and trails the rear of the line, as well as being interspersed through the lines. We will take them to the outer sidewalk to the rear parking lot, where we will assemble.

Kids in the MPR will evacuate through the rear interior doors and out the main hallway exits at the back of the building.
If anyone is in the modular, leaders will be assigned to make sure they are notified and join us.

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